I studied political science at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University and since my high school years I have been interested in the field of political philosophy and theory. It has also accompanied me in my professional life, which is mostly connected with the academic world (formerly Masaryk University, where I received my doctorate and habilitation, now the University of Hradec Králové; also a research stay at the Central European University in Vienna). My professional interest is in the normative aspects of liberal democracy in the context of moral disagreement about how to set the rules of social coexistence - i.e. what to reasonably demand of each other, often under the threat of enforcement by the government. Joining the Institute in 2023 opens up the opportunity to broaden my research interests and include advanced knowledge in related fields. Subsequently I am able to contribute to building a robust theoretical framework for precisely those important issues of public life on which the Institute profiles.


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