About Institute H21

Institute H21

We believe that through innovation of voting systems, we will restore trust in democracy.

We are social innovators focusing on an alternative voting systems striving to revive democracy for people who no longer believe in it and feel that they have no way to affect what goes on in society. That is because we are convinced that when one invents something wonderful, they should not keep it to themselves. Especially when technological advancements can prevent societal divisions and/or contribute to social cohesion.

The Institute H21 is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016 to bring the universal D21 - Janeček voting method to public attention in the Czech Republic and beyond. This voting system is based on each voter having the option to use multiple votes and was developed in 2012 by the visionary and social reformer Karel Janeček. Our team includes mathematician, journalists, political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, researchers, data analysts, software developers and experts in communication and marketing.

Our aim is to demonstrate the advantages of D21 - Janeček voting method to the public. In collaboration with other organisations we incorporate the system into everyday use. We believe that our unique Method has enormous potential to both restore people’s trust in democracy, and improve public interest in and motivation for participation in public decision-making.

We want to become the movers of society-wide change in the direction of a positive, democratic society. 2017 was the first year of our activity, and we mainly concentrated on our pilot project, Prezident 21. This was a voting game where players could test D21 - Janeček voting method in practice. Over 300,000 people tried our game; this is three times more than the number of people voting in participative budgeting in New York City, where our Method is already in actual use.

Over the first year of its existence, the Institute commenced its own research activity, led by a team comprised of experts from around the world. We also formally opened our branch in India, and our successful completion of the Prezident 21 project has already raised interest in similar projects in neighbouring countries. We hope to achieve much more in the coming years.

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