We examine the electoral systems and the challenges of contemporary democracy.

We promote the D21 – Janeček method for use in politics and everyday life.

Thanks to the D21 –Janeček method we find consensus among people

A modern voting method that helps a divided society find common ground. Read details about the D21 method in Karel Janeček's expert article.

How does it work?

We examine the voting systems

The society is constantly evolving and moving forward. So are the voting methods. The electoral systems of the past may not perform well today. That is why we have been subjecting them to long-term professional research. We are experts in electoral methods.

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We care for democracy and a free society

Democracy is not a given. It needs to be cared for. And if we want a society where tolerance, critical thinking, and democratic competition of ideas thrive, we need to cultivate the culture of free speech.

How do we do it?


Why is freedom of thought and speech a key condition for democracy and any truly prosperous society? Read our unique book series.

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In our conversations we address current social issues, especially possible threats to freedoms and democracy. Colleagues from the institute and guests from the Czech Republic and the world take turns at the microphones.

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In the 21st century, freedom of speech is once again facing challenges. What we need is a culture of open and free discussion. That’s why we publish major works on freedom of expression.
Andrea Prinzova
Translator & Proofreader
Our books
How we vote has a major impact on how we make decisions. Electoral systems therefore deserve our care and innovation. Read our analyses.
Zuzana Haase Formankova
Chief Research Officer
Electoral systems
More votes will allow voters to show more accurately what they really want. It will force politicians to seek consensus and bring society together. And this is needed now more than ever.
Karel Janecek
Founder & Visionary
More about the method
The ability to fight freely through ideas and words is a pillar of our democratic society.
Adam Ruzicka
Democracy and freedom