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We are experts in election methods. We know that a well-designed electoral system contributes to a functioning democracy.

The word democracy literally translates as rule of the people. A system that gives all people an equal right to participate in the decision-making process, either directly or through elected representatives. But which system to choose? In Sparta in ancient Greece, for example, it was customary to choose the council of elders by the method of the greatest noise. They elected the candidate to the council who was applauded by the crowd with the loudest roar. Such an electoral method would certainly have its charms even today, but it would not be practical to gather 10 million people in one place.

Electoral systems, like society as a whole, are evolving and not all the methods used in the past would be considered appropriate today. Fortunately, we have a range of much more sophisticated voting methods at our disposal today.

List of academic studies and other outputs

We are experts in electoral systems. The results of our work can therefore be found beyond the content of this website. Read our articles in academic journals based on the latest findings and hard data. Here you will also find our latest outputs that have appeared in the media.

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Korespondenční volba a vyvažování volebních principů opřených o spekulace.
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Motivated to vote? The effect of flooding on political participation
Co chtít od případné změny volebního systému do Senátu?
Podivné volební výsledky, problematické obvody aneb o čem by se mělo mluvit.

D21 –⁠  Janeček method

A modern voting method that delivers a unique multi-vote effect that encourages honest choice and motivates politicians to run more positive campaigns. The method provides an effective way of decision-making that can be used in everyday life and political elections.

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Calculator for vote-to-mandate conversion methods

Why do the votes cast not always correspond to the seats won? Try our app that can recalculate into mandates the votes obtained by individual parties in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic from 1996 to the present. You can change the recount method, the closing clause, and the size of constituencies.

Interested in having a calculator embedded in your website or research paper? Contact our department at marketing@ih21.org to arrange a collaboration.

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