"Democracy is a view on life, it is founded on trust in people, in humanity, in humanness, and there is no trust without love, and no love without trust." Masaryk's quotation expresses my feelings about democracy which I deem to be one of the noblest of human inventions; it is our responsibility to take good care of it. By education, I am a psychologist and a cognitive scientist. I did my Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Masaryk University, and my Master's at University College London where I subsequently spent several years doing experimental research. In my research I was focused on the biological foundations of human language and investigated the brain using TMS and fMRI. I joined the Institute in April 2019. I am interested in psychology of democracy, social polarisation, viewpoint bubbles, and freedom of expression. Lately, I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about why good people are divided by politics. I like running in the woods, going to the theatre, and reading novels.


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