International Symposium 2020: Crisis or Opportunity?

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September 30, 2020

“Every crisis has both its dangers and opportunities. It can spell either salvation or doom.”, - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Symposium of Democracy in the 21st Century: Crisis or Opportunity? was held in the premises of Grégor Hall in the Municipal House on September 12, 2020. Watch the event after-movie below.

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Democracy is undergoing a severe test because of the health, economic and social crisis. What are the consequences this situation will have for the functioning of states and free societies? Can the current crisis be seen as an opportunity to change for the better?

The coronavirus pandemic has restricted fundamental rights and freedoms of which the majority of the population has never experienced before. The traditional obstacles of democratic regimes are now combined with entirely new problems. Some of these future issues are still difficult to imagine, for example, effects of machine learning and artificial intelligence on upcoming political order. The second year of the international symposium focused on the topic: Democracy in the 21st Century: Crisis or opportunity? and was organised by Institute H21 under the auspices of its founder, mathematician Karel Janeček, and Jan Horník, Vice-President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

The symposium aims to open a constructive discussion on today's  pressing issues and problems, and thus help the world's society to turn the current crisis into an opportunity. Our mission is to invite international experts who will present a diverse collection of viewpoints to help us tackle hard questions about democracy in the 21st century; the topics are ranging from philosophy of democracy, political science, innovative voting systems to the role of technology in society.

Speakers & Lectures

  • György Széll, University of Osnabrück: Covid-19 and Democracy

  • Danuše Nerudová, Mendelova Univerzita v Brně: Economy and Covid-19

  • Daniel Kroupa: Liberal Democracy and the Ideal of Equality

  • Helena Hofmannová, Univerzita Karlova: Political Freedom

  • Karel Janeček, Institut H21: World at the Crossroads of History: How to Find Common Ground during the Civilisation Crisis?

  • Ladislav Cabada: Central and Eastern Europe as a Voting System Laboratory?

  • Tomáš Petříček, ministr zahraničních věcí: Bělorusko

  • Alena Marková: Bělorusko na rozcestí

  • Petr Boháček: Globální demokracie

  • Tomáš Vlazlo: Participace a dezinformace

  • Michal Bláha, Hlídač státu: Covid a eGov - Krize jako spouštěč technologického upgradu státu?