Project Manager

Helga Hrabincová

After graduating from the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague where I focused on Czech language and art, I worked in many different areas. From teaching at the elementary and secondary school, through work at art gallery to the preparation of exhibitions and fairs in modern interior design. First in Incheba I worked on events such as New Design and AC EXPO: art & interior, office & interior, shows of Czech and foreign design. I organised the Architecture Week festival or Light Architecture exhibition. Furthermore, I led the artistic-architectonic project Playful Architect at an elementary school, taught the art course at the youth centre in Prague and illustrated several books for children. I have joined the Institute because I believe that education in general, especially when teaching by personal examples and learning by doing. For this reason, I contribute to the Institute by helping primary and secondary schools to spread awareness of democratic principles and participation. I contribute to the realisation in practice through the School project PB (Participatory Budgeting) and other activities with schools.