Senior Full-Stack Developer

We are looking for a new coleague in our agile development team to build our platform Decision 21 which helps cities in decision-making processes as well as in participatory budgeting. We do one of the bigggest participatory budgeting in New York city. If you want to be part of it, join us!

How do we work?

We are developing quite unique solutions for a quite unique problem. Therefore, we cannot afford to plan in a waterfall style and build a robust platform just based on our ideas and assumptions. Instead, we know that we have a number of projects for real customers ahead of us for which we need to, among other things, prepare software support… and this is also the goal of our development! In addition, we have past experience that specific projects have similar needs and their solution is repeated over and over again. And only for these types of problems do we build a more versatile software solution. This means building a platform.

In other words: we develop our software project-based and only when the problem recurs, do we integrate it into a more general and re-usable platform.

What do we use?

All our development is purely web-based. No mobile or desktop applications. We build the application in React and write it in Typescript. We place great importance on the UX and UI representation, which is key for the success of our projects and our product because we need to explain to users, who may not be technically that proficient, quite complicated things and processes. So a very good knowledge of CSS is required, and a good overall knowledge of responsive design principles. We use the complete Google Firebase solution for data storage, user authentication, hosting and binary storage. It provides us with everything we currently need in a single package that we do not have to care about. That’s great for us, it allows us to mainly focus on our product and the business it brings us.

Who we are looking for?

  • A senior developer that has experience with an agile approach to development and most importantly, has the ability to understand what he is doing, why he is doing it, and who he does it for.
  • From a technical perspective, it's not necessary to know everything to the finest detail... we're not building a space shuttle. If you're interested, we're able to teach you within minutes everything related to what we are doing.
  • We welcome colleagues coming up with innovative ideas and solutions.
  • We are open to solutions that would not be conceivable in a classic corporate environment because they do not fit in with “established processes”.

What do we offer?

  • Work on meaningful projects with an international reach.
  • A working environment not bound by excessive and meaningless rules.
  • Freedom and space for innovative solutions. Do you like working in slippers and have a collection of Lego dolls on your desk? We do not judge and we do not deal with working dress code.
  • Team consisting of creative, inspirational and interesting people.
  • A capable team of developers who will be your indispensable colleagues and friends if you want.
  • Exceptional work environment of a 1930s villa with beautiful garden and outdoor swimming pool.
  • Possibility of home-office. Are you or someone from your family cold, is a craftsman coming to your home or are you expecting a package? You can work from home. The most important thing is to do your job and tasks (and satisfying the client’s needs), not to be at work from 9 to 5.
  • Pet-friendly office.
  • Space for your personal development.

Our headquarters: Institute H21, Zapova 18, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov
Full-time job
Working relationship: Contract / Freelancer (depends on how we agree)
When can you join us: Immediately / How we agree (the sooner the better)

If you are interested, please send us your CV and a brief explanation of why we should choose you by e-mail: dominik.jandl@ih21.org.

We are looking forward to meeting you!