Besides coordination of marketing activities I am responsible for most audiovisual content. For example, I am producing Společná řeč podcast or Volební metody series on which I cooperate with the research department. Actually, most of my colleagues have already performed in at least one of our videos – as you can check by yourself at Institute‘s Youtube channel. Before April 2020 I was part of a Prague/Central Bohemia regional news department at Czech Radio. During my studies, my majors were psychology and journalism – Faculty of Social Studies in Brno being my Alma mater. A part of my studies, I also spent at the Western Washington University in Washington State, US. I am currently enrolled in Gestalt psychotherapy training. I tend to spend my free time in mountains, preferably by trekking, mountaineering, scrambling or mountain biking, I enjoy winter sports, tennis and yoga, but most frequently I play football on Malvazinky hill in Prague. When it comes to movies and theatre plays I prefer those with an elaborated plot and therefore - commonly - unexpected ending.


Studie, analýzy, videa. Všechny příspěvky autora od těch nejnovějších.
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